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CompTIA IT Fundamentals V5

ISBN : 9781616914981

Gain hands-on expertise in the CompTIA IT Fundamentals FC0-U51 certification exam with the FC0-U51: CompTIA IT Fundamental course. The course focuses on the objectives of the FC0-U51 exam and provides the technical knowledge required to identify and explain computer components, set up a basic workstation; conduct basic software installation; establish network connectivity, and many more. The cert guide also teaches the concepts of security threats, security best practices, and preventing security risks.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification is a standalone certification from CompTIA with the exam code FC0-U51. This certification is ideal for individuals and professionals who are starting a career in IT, as well as those in allied fields that require a broad understanding of IT. CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification can be a stepping stone to more advanced certifications. From networking and cybersecurity essentials to hardware and software basics, CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification demonstrates your readiness for the digital workplace.

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Videos and How To

uCertify course includes videos to help understand concepts. It also includes How Tos that help learners with how to accomplish certain tasks.

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Exam related FAQs
What are the prerequisites for this exam? There are no technical prerequisites for this certification.
What is the exam registration fee? USD 119
Where do I take the exam? Pearson VUE
What is the format of the exam? Multiple choice questions
How many questions are asked in the exam? The exam contains 75 questions.
What is the duration of the exam? 60 minutes
What is the passing score? 650

(on a scale of 0-900)

What is the exam's retake policy?

FC0-U51 examination, CompTIA's retake policy is:

  • In the event that you fail your first attempt at passing the CompTIA certification examination, CompTIA does not require a waiting period between the first and second attempt to pass such examination. However, if you need a third or subsequent attempt to pass the examination, you shall be required to wait for a period of at least fourteen calendar days from the date of your last attempt before you can retake the exam.
  • If a candidate has passed an exam, he/she cannot take it again without prior consent from CompTIA.
  • A test result found to be in violation of the retake policy will not be processed, which will result in no credit awarded for the test taken. Repeat violators will be banned from participation in the CompTIA Certification Program.
  • Candidates must pay the exam price each time they attempt the exam. CompTIA does not offer free re-tests or discounts on retakes.
What is the validity of the certification? CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification are valid for three years from the date the candidate is certified, after which the certification holder will need to renew their certification via CompTIA's Continuing Education Program.
Where can I find more information about this exam? To know more about the FC0-U51, click here.
What are the career opportunities after passing this exam?
  • Sales Engineer
  • Sales Associate
  • Account Manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Business Development Manager
  • What Is the CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification?
  • Why Become IT Fundamentals Certified?
  • How to Become IT Fundamentals Certified?
  • Tips for Taking the IT Fundamentals Exam
  • Who Should Read This Book?
  • What Does This Book Cover?
  • What's Included in the Book?
  • Interactive Online Learning Environment and Test Bank
  • How to Use this Book?
  • Exam Objectives
  • CompTIA IT Fundamentals Study Guide
  • Introducing Internal Components
  • Exploring Motherboards, Processors, and Memory
  • Exploring Storage and Expansion Devices
  • Exploring Power and Cooling
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Written Labs
  • Audio, Video, and Printers
  • Input Devices
  • External Storage and Other Connectors
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Written Labs
  • Operating System Fundamentals
  • Navigating an Operating System
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Lesson 3 Lab
  • Answers To The Lab
  • Common Software Applications and File Types
  • Software Management Best Practices
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Lesson 4 Lab
  • Answers To The Lab
  • Connection Types and Features
  • Network Connectivity Essentials
  • Setting Up a SOHO Router
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Lesson 5 Lab
  • Answers To Written Lab
  • Local Network Sharing
  • Web-Based Sharing and Access
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Lesson 6 Lab
  • Using Wireless Devices
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Lesson 7 Lab
  • Understanding Hacking
  • Understanding Security Threats
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Lesson 8 Lab
  • Computer and Network Security Best Practices
  • Internet Security Best Practices
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Lesson 9 Lab
  • Buying and Configuring a Workstation
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Lesson 10 Lab
  • Basic Computer Support Concepts
  • Computer Backups
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Lesson 11 Lab
  • Safe Interactions with Computers
  • Summary
  • Exam Essentials
  • Lesson 12 Lab
  • Answers To The Lab